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Global Trade already recognised as one of the most effective tools for developing countries to drive the growth of economy. In most of the developing countries Global Trade Volume is consistently increasing. Banks of developing countries also facing higher demand of Global Trade related services from their clients.
In this scenario, banks need appropriate and cost-effective technology solutions to serve their global trade clients efficiently and maintain global and local compliance.
ITTS makes Synergy by PSI, USA available to local banks at a competitive and structured pricing.


Synergy Trade Finance Software Solutions

Trade Finance Products Overview:

Products : Letters of Credit & Standbys : Digitize all related transactions and documents including financing
Guarantees & Standbys : Improved efficiency for all guarantee activities
Collections : Complete control over documents from multiple sources
Guarantees : Improved efficiency for any guarantee activities.
Presentations & Payments : Total management of any and all trade interactions.
Limits & Facilities : Manage collections, deposits, and securities via a dashboard with daily & monthly summary information.

General Features

• Edit & finalize a wide variety of business documents
• Allows for seamless & efficient interaction with multiple financial institutions (C2B & B2C)
• Fully automated instruction and information exchange
• Digitize all trade finance transactions & documents
• Fast deal entry/auto-fill options allows for increased remediation and faster processing
• Seamless interaction with outside systems such as SWIFT and various accounting systems
• Generate and review all necessary SWIFT messages
• Functionality to set deposits to lend/for call/overnight/term periods
• Email notifications to defined users providing real time tracking and status updates
• Allocation of interest rate margins among multiple profit centers
• Updated yearly to ensure SWIFT, UCP & ISO compliance


• Innovative protection against risks of all kinds

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