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The full form of UPAS LC is a Usance Letter of credit Payable at Sight. It is a usance letter of credit but the Beneficiary /exporter will get is paid immediately on a complying presentation to the financing bank’s nominated counter. It works like a Usance Letter of Credit for importer but for exporter it works like a Sight Letter of Credit.
To find a financing bank where:
  • Terms & Conditions of financing bank are acceptable to an exporter
  • Solution is cost-competitive
  • Transaction execution process is simple and acceptable to LC issuing Bank
  • Our ability to place your requirement with more than 50 confirming banks located in different continents.
  • Experience of our consultants to work with most of the issuing banks in Bangladesh
  • Our relationship-based client management approach will allow you to get continuous support throughout the transaction lifecycle.

Does your business need UPAS LC financing ?